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Table Number Alternatives

Unless you’re having a cocktail-style wedding reception or one with open seating, you’re going to have to somehow let your guests know where they should be sitting.  This is where table numbers come into play. It’s the simplest and most traditional way to identify your tables, and there’s a lot of beautiful table number inspiration on the internet.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

But if you’d like to get even more personalized and unique, instead of table numbers, here are some table number alternatives.

Fresh herbs would be perfect for a couple who likes to cook or garden.


Beer connoisseurs or home-brewers can use decorative beer coasters – even better if craft beer is served at the reception (yum)!


 Travelers can name their tables after places they’ve visited together.


Music lovers can use CD covers or vintage albums.


And literary types can use their favorite books.


Are you going to use table numbers at your wedding, or an alternative? Do you have any interesting ideas on how to differentiate your tables?


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