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What I Learned at Spray Tan Camp

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon at Spray Tan Camp 2012 Dallas. Ummm… if you know me or have checked out my picture on my Meet Your Wedding Planner page, you pretty much know that I have zero need for a spray tan. And no, I’m not adding spray tanning to any of my wedding planning packages… sorry! So, what the heck was I doing at Spray Tan Camp, you ask? Well, I was asked to speak on a panel about the wedding industry, along with the ladies behind Fairy Godmother Bridal, Dallas Facelogic Spa, The Wedding Party Studio and Jenn Sprinkle Creative. The camp featured spray tanners from all over the country who were coming together for an educational two-day seminar about everything from spray tanning to social media, and our panel about the wedding industry gave the spray tan business owners some tidbits about working with brides.

Even though each of the panelists have different roles in the industry — a makeup artist, a spa owner, an invitation designer, a wedding planner, and a wedding resource website — there were several things that we all agreed on. The biggest one was that working with brides is unlike working with any other client. The stresses a bride deals with before getting married are unique, from family pressures to self-inflicted pressure to be the “perfect” bride. As wedding professionals, we know what brides go through and it’s up to us to try to make the process as painless as possible. Whether it’s helping a bride navigate through all the choices they have in the planning process or in getting the perfect bronze spray tan, brides need a team of people who have their back. A wedding is not pulled off by one person. It takes a village, if you will. Plan your village carefully and your wedding is bound to be a success!

Even though my speaking role is over, I’ll be at Spray Tan Camp all day today too. I’m super excited to participate in the session with business coach Laurie Grace (who I’ve heard speak before and is completely amazing!) and hear Jenn Sprinkle talk about the Crave network of women entrepreneurs. Even though there’s a ton to do back at the office, it’s always nice to set aside time for some business goal-setting and personal development.




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