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Wedding Encyclopedia: The Ring Bearer

A few weeks ago, I talked about unconventional ways the ring bearer can carry the wedding bands down the aisle. But where and when did this tradition begin?


With some digging, some say the tradition of the ring bearer began in ancient Egypt, where ornate jewels were presented to the bride. In medieval times, the ring was presented on the tip of a sword. However today, the ring bearer tradition seems to clearly resemble the role of “The Page” during the Victorian era in England. The duty of this young servant boy was to carry the train of the bride’s dress, as well as the bride’s prayer book and the wedding bands. The page was to be no younger than 7 years old so that these duties could be carried out without a hitch. Through the years, a pillow began to be incorporated to cradle the rings. The pillow was a symbol of wealth because they were few and hard to come by!

Today’s Tradition

Today, the ring bearer just carries the rings (minus the train and prayer book). However, if you are worried about sending your ring bearer down the aisle with your real bands, you can substitute them with plastic ones, with the real bands in safe keeping with the best man.


What should they wear?

Anything you like! Often, ring bearers are dressed similarly to the groom and his attendants, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. A ring bearer at a formal wedding would look wonderful in mini tuxedos, and at a vintage wedding, he’d look adorable in suspenders and a newsboy cap.



Does it have to be a boy?

Of course not! That’s the beauty of modern-day weddings! If there is a special little girl or even a furry friend that holds a special place in your heart they can be dubbed “ring bearer”!


Will you be having a ring bearer at your wedding? Will you stick with tradition or add a personal twist to it?


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