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Things I’m Loving – The Katherine Edition

I’ve learned about so many fun places around town and things I want to check out from Kimberly and Emily in the last two weeks! Now the pressure is on to deliver well for you all! So here are a few things that I am totally loving right now.

My Bike: The Bianchi Milano

Bianchi Milano Bike

My husband, known by many as Bear, got me this beauty of a bike for my birthday in June and I was instantly in love. We enjoyed the unseasonably cooler weather early summer gifted us as we set out on our first few bike rides together. But then the heat set in. And I’m a wimp. I’m just not built for energy exertion in 90-100 degree temps! But now, with fall just on the horizon, the mornings and evenings are cooler and the bike is back in action! We live in North Oak Cliff and I love how the area is becoming more and more bike friendly. We can ride down to Bishop Arts District, or over to Trinity Groves and across the new Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge. It’s so much fun and a nice little workout as well. I highly encourage everyone to get a bike and explore your neighborhood. And if you are in the area, let’s go ride together! Dallas Bike Works in Oak Cliff has a great selection of bikes (Bianchi included) and accessories (I’m itching for a basket!) and they do great repair work as well (Bear’s bike needed to catch up to mine!). Pay them a visit!


My Signature Red: Chanel Rouge Allure #104

Chanel Rouge Allure

photo courtesy of Chanel

If you and I have ever met, there is a greater than 85% chance that I was donning my signature red pout…if we’ve met more than once, then it’s more like 100%. There are quite a few reds I like and I switch them out depending on the day but my go-to signature red is Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Passion #104. It is such a flattering shade that is bright and wears well, without looking clownish. My love affair with red started six or seven years ago, when I first got the nerve up to wear it on occasion. The more I wore it, the more it became my color of choice. And now, it takes a pretty special occasion for it not to be my shade of the day. It sounds crazy, I know, but red lips are so empowering! It says I’m confident and bold, classic and chic. If you’re thinking about adding red to your arsenal I suggest consulting with the beauty pros to find YOUR signature red. It is all about finding the right red, and the right red is definitely different for everyone.


My Scent Shop: Society

Society Shop

photos courtesy of Society on Facebook

There is something so luxurious about nice candles, isn’t there? I always feel a smidge guilty spending money on candles, because the good ones aren’t cheap. But as soon as I get it home and light the wick, that guilt just melts away. They totally set the mood of my home and provide the finishing touch of warmth and welcome. Society in Bishop Arts District is one of my favorite places to find quality candles. The shop itself is tiny but beautiful and filled with a huge selection of candles and little vintage gifts and décor pieces. I currently have the Kobo Bourbon 1792 candle burning in our house and just love it. I love that even after the candle is out the scent lingers. I also really love Society’s Jackson Vaughn Proprietary Collection candles. (Have I mentioned I LOVE the candles?! ha) They are unique scents that blend really beautifully together. The shop keeper can always suggest scent combinations that will take your aromatic pallet to the next level.

So that’s what I’m loving these days; what are YOU loving?!

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