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Things I’m Loving – The Emily Edition

Last week, Kimberly gave us a little peek into her life by telling us about a few things she’s loving. This week, you get the Emily edition! Check out a few things I’m loving:

The Simplified Planner®

Oh, my, gosh. First of all, I love all things writing, note taking, thank you notes, stationery, and PLANNERS! Did you ever have a homework journal or planner in elementary school or middle school? Cool! I did too, except I’m still using a good ol’ hand written planner in this digital era. I take my planner with me everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Grocery store? Duh. Work? You know it! How else would I be able to be the ultimate multitasker?

So, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you.. Emily Ley’s 2015 Simplified Planner®.


Photo from EmilyLey.com

This baby’s got it all – thick white pages (pens won’t bleed!), durable cover, inspirational quotes, pockets inside the covers, and, wait for it.. weekly pages AND full month views! Be still my heart. You can bet your bottom dollar that my 2015 will be that much better thanks to this little gem. You should probably go buy one now!

BEYOND Pedaling

I used to be an avid runner (keyword: used to), until an injury earlier this year abruptly crushed my running dreams. I obviously needed to fill this void, and quick! I first tried out BEYOND Pedaling at the recommendation of a good friend, and I was instantly hooked! You may be thinking, “But Emily, aren’t spin classes boring?” No! BEYOND offers a 45-minute full body workout/dance party that is guaranteed to challenge you and make you sweat. The instructors are motivating, the music is out of this world, and most importantly, it’s fun!



Photo from BEYOND-Pedaling.com

How cute is the studio? I personally invite each and every one of you to sign up for a class! I’m there nearly everyday.. seriously. Let’s grab a bike next to each other and have some fun!

Snap Kitchen

(I’m salivating as I’m writing this..) Oh, Snap Kitchen. How I love you! Another genius idea from our neighbors down in Austin. In a nutshell, Snap Kitchen is the answer to your daily “oh no, I forgot my lunch.. again!” dilemma. It is the perfect option for the girl (or guy) on the go who is looking for something healthier than the ol’ fast food restaurant.

Your first journey into the store may be a little overwhelming due to the massive quantities of deliciousness happening in one place. You name it, and they’ve got it – juice, coffee, breakfast, soups, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert!


Photo from Snap Kitchen Blog

Don’t take my word for it, you should totally go try it out yourself! There are currently 2 locations in Dallas, one in Snider Plaza and one in Uptown Dallas, with another 3 expected to open soon. My personal recommendations.. the Chicken & Green Chile “Enchiladas” and the Mediterranean Burger Bowl.

Hey, maybe we can have a date night with BEYOND Pedaling and then dinner down the street at Snap Kitchen!

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