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Things I’m Loving – The Kimberly Edition

We’re almost always chatting weddings over here at Hitched Events, but we thought we should take a break every now and then to let you know what our team is up to outside of our wedding-obsessed lives. I mean, we actually do have lives outside of the event planning world, believe it or not! So… I’ll get us started. Here are three things I’ve been loving lately:


Located just down the street from the Hitched Events office, Daily Juice is, you guessed it, a juice bar. But saying it’s a juice bar totally does not do it justice. Daily Juice serves up tasty superfood conglomerations in a cup! Who knew that kale, apples, raw brown rice protein and hemp seeds could taste so good together? For full disclosure… I have no idea what hemp seeds are, but when mixed up in their smoothies, they are DELICIOUS!

While my pocketbook won’t allow me to make Daily Juice a daily habit, as the name suggests, I definitely do love stopping by for my fill of fruits and veggies topped off with a splash of friendly customer service. I mean, the fact that they know my name when I come in does make me happy! (Or maybe it just means that I go too often??!)

Daily Juice opened its doors in Dallas this summer after being in Austin for more than a decade, and rumor has it that there will nine more Daily Juice locations opening up in the DFW area in the next three years. Bring on the kale smoothies, my friends!


I attended a wedding industry seminar last month where Jane Park, CEO & Founder of beauty brand Julep was a speaker. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t heard of Julep before, but I’m a sucker for anything related to entrepreneurship, so after the seminar I did a little more research on this “little” beauty brand and found article after article, including press from the likes of business magazines Forbes and Fast Company. Quite impressive, Jane Park. Quite impressive.

After a few clicks on the Julep website, I was completely obsessed. Not only do they have a ton of fun nail polish colors, but I love the fact that they show the colors on different skin tones. I signed up for their monthly My Maven box (I mean, who doesn’t love getting fun new nail polish colors delivered to their doorstep?) and have since fallen more and more in love with their products. A weekly home manicure is my new thing.

Julep nail polish copy

Photos from Julep.com

Don’t take my word for it, go check out Julep yourself. You can even sign up for a monthly Maven box here!

Bob’s Burgers

So, this is not an actual restaurant, but a hilarious animated show on FOX. I actually hadn’t heard of Bob’s Burger’s before, but my husband found it on Netflix last month and we’ve been binge-watching episodes ever since. The show features Bob, who runs Bob’s Burgers along with his wife Linda, and their three kids.

Bob's Burgers

Photo from FOX.com

In addition to winning the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, Bob’s Burger was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the “10 Funniest Shows on TV” last season. You can watch previous episodes on NetFlix or Hulu, and the season premiere airs on Sunday, October 5 on FOX.

So… tell me. Have you tried any of the three things I’m currently loving?





P.S. Check back next Monday when Emily will be sharing three things she’s loving.


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