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Things I’m Loving – Emily Edition

Is anyone else already in the Holiday groove? Have you started your gift shopping? Do you already have decorations out? Do you have a nice little holiday playlist going on Spotify? Raise your hand if you’re guilty!

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year for a number of reasons. Not only do I get to see a bunch of family and friends, but I get to spoil them with wonderful gifts! So, for this edition of Things I’m Loving, I’m going to share some of my top picks for holiday gifts. Hopefully you can use my ideas for your own loved ones.. or maybe it will just get your creative juices flowing!

For Your Favorite WinoClub W def10dd6_bottles

Photo from Club W

If someone you know loves trying new wines or maybe gets overwhelmed every time they go to the Central Market wine area and blacks out and buys who knows what kind of wine (a.k.a ME!), then you should absolutely look into Club W.

Club W is the world’s only personalized monthly wine club. You create a Palate Profile on their website by answering a few questions about your preferred taste in certain things, such as coffee and citrus. Club W then takes your answers and provides you with a few suggestions on which wines you should try, or you can choose your own. You get 3 bottles of wine a month for $39 plus $6 for shipping. Bada bing, bada boom. Seems pretty easy, right?

I’ve been a part of Club W for a few months now, and I love wine.. I mean.. I love it!

For Your Photo-Obsessed FriendMyPublisher


Photo from MyPublisher

I found out about MyPublisher from a friend and holy cow.. my wallet is now suffering! MyPublisher comes from the same family as Shutterfly, TinyPrints, and Wedding Paper Divas. I’ve seen a lot of “create your own photo book” sites, and this one is hands down my favorite. I even used MyPublisher to create a guest book for our wedding! (Shameless plug coming up – did you want to see some of our pictures? Of course you did! The super talented Celina Gomez has a few up on her blog!)

My favorite thing about MyPublisher is that you can super customize your photo book. You can choose between a leather or linen cover, whether or not you want to include some cute patterned paper to line the inside of your book, or if you want include your photo book in a snazzy presentation box. Obviously, these are just a few of their customizable options!

So take those photos from your 2014 family vacation (or wedding!) and create a photo book for your loved ones. Don’t forget to sign up for their emails.. they’re always sending out coupons! (Insider secret – new customers get a free photo book!)

For The FoodieCook’s Illustrated Cookbook


Photo from America’s Test Kitchen

I’m not sure why or how my husband found out about Cook’s Illustrated, but I am forever grateful! Straight up, this cookbook will change your life. 100%. I’ve been known to spend hours upon hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect thing to make for dinner.. or breakfast.. or lunch.. or for a snack. HOURS! I will not do so again. Well, at least until we get through the 2,000 recipes in this book!

The fine people at America’s Test Kitchen are culinary geniuses. They obsessively test every recipe at least 50 times. 50 TIMES! Can you imagine baking a complicated pie 50 times just to get the recipe absolutely perfect?? This, my friends, is why this cookbook is. life. change. ing. At first glance, the recipes might be a bit intimidating, but do not be afraid! Trust me.. it’s worth it to use their recommended fresh parsley and whole milk rather than take your shortcut of dried parsley in your cabinet and skim milk (because we’re all watching our figure).

In the past, you would rarely find me cooking from a recipe where there wasn’t a picture to show the finished product (I’m a very visual person). Not anymore! All it took was one delicious recipe from the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook to forever change me. I trust them. My husband trusts them. Our stomach trusts them!

What’s on our menu this week? Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry, and Chicken Pot Pie. Are you hungry yet?

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