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The Grand Exit – Part Two

Once upon a time, newlyweds drove off to their honeymoon at the end of their wedding reception. The car might have had a “Just Married” sign on the back or tin cans dangling from the bumper. While it may be a bit different today, the tradition remains the same. Having a getaway transportation plan is a fun little something extra for your wedding. Whether you ride off into the sunset on a beautiful horse, or have a family friend drive you away in a decorated car, the grand getaway will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Tandem bicycle – Englexas Photography

Just like getting all your guests in place for your grand exit, which we talked about earlier this week in Grand Exit – Part One, your getaway transportation will take some planning. First, think about how you would like to leave your venue. Perhaps you have always imagined leaving your wedding reception on a cool Vespa! Maybe your significant other is really into classic cars and would prefer to have a great vintage car take you two away.

Motorcycle – Tim Harman Photography

Be sure to look for reputable transportation vendors or get a good recommendation from someone you trust. Just because you got a daily deal for a limo service or carriage ride doesn’t mean everything will be peachy keen. Do some research and find out who you will potentially be working with. Read reviews, browse pictures and be certain the company will be a good fit. Keep in mind that some companies may have time minimums for certain vehicles. Even though your hotel may only be a few minutes away, be prepared to potentially pay for the minimum rental rate. A good wedding planner should have a list of reliable and cost-effective transportation vendors on hand.

Vintage carRoe & White Photography

When booking your transportation for your grand exit, make sure you know what time your wedding reception will end. This information is imperative for your getaway transportation contact to know what time they should arrive and what time they can expect to leave the venue. You typically wouldn’t want to leave your getaway driver waiting too long before the grand exit actually happens.

Pedi cabCory Ryan Photography

Golf cart – Andrea Taylor Studio

Helicopter – About Love Inspired Photography

Make sure to have everything packed in your getaway car, golf cart or hot air balloon prior to the end of your reception. (Side note – I’d love to see a hot air balloon grand exit!) You’ll want to make sure your personal belongings (phone, wallet, keys, etc.), overnight bags (if heading to a different location or straight to your honeymoon), midnight snacks and whatever else you need are all packed and ready for your next adventure. A wedding planner is the perfect person to help gather all your items and make sure they are in the right place at the right time!

 Horse-drawn carriage – The Mamones

We’ve seen some amazing grand exits at Hitched Events and have learned some pretty interesting things along the way. One Hitched Events grand exit favorite is leaving in a horse-drawn carriage… but did you know that horses are not fond of sparklers? If you choose to have your guests wave sparklers and leave in a horse-drawn carriage, make sure the horse and carriage are a safe distance away from the sparkler show. You wouldn’t want the big fella getting spooked just before you hop into the carriage!

You can get super creative with your grand exit getaway ride. What’s the coolest grand exit get-away you’ve seen?




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