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The Case for Wedding Videography

It’s no secret that we love a good wedding video around these parts. Reliving the magic of a couple’s big day just never gets old! But very often, videography is one of the first things on the chopping block when a bride starts putting her budget together. I should know, I was that bride (until a wise wedding planner convinced me I should reconsider)!


photo by Angelo DeSantis

A videographer gets such a unique vantage point of your big day, and sees things even you the couple does not. They spend hours upon hours with your wedding footage, making sure it comes together in a way that authentically conveys the whole day (without having to watch all 8 hours of coverage!) What better perspective, we thought, than to go to the source for a little insight into the art of wedding videography, and why it’s a budget item that should definitely not be cut.

Daniel Troupe of Lynn Films is a master behind the lens and has an incredible appreciation for the power of video. He is kindly sharing some thoughts to ponder for any bride trying to decide on video for her big day.


Lynn FlimsHitched Events: Why do you think wedding videography is important?

Daniel: The main building block for any society is family and weddings are where families begin. Being able to relive that moment for generations to come is priceless. A hundred years from now my great, great, great grandchildren will be able to see my wife and I begin our family. Not just a photograph of the day, but our personalities and mannerisms. What would you give to see an hour long movie of your great grandparents getting married, to see them walking and talking?

On another level it’s a reminder to you and your spouse of the commitment you made to one another. It’s not just important, it’s essential. 

HE: How is the benefit of videography for the couple?

Daniel: Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life up to that point, and only the birth of a child could top it in the future. You will never again have as many people come to celebrate you. Why wouldn’t you want that immortalized in film? Why would you just want some still images that sit in an album?

HE: What can video provide that photos can’t?

Daniel: From a purely technical sense, the average wedding photo album has 30-60 images. A 20-minute short film has 28,800 images! 

I had a bride several years ago whose wedding I filmed and just one month after her wedding her father passed away very unexpectedly. Her wedding film is the only video that her family has of her father and now they will always be able to relive one of his last and best days. The bride can now show her children and say, that’s your granddad. Not just a still photo of him but a video of him giving a speech, of him dancing. That film is now one of the most priceless things that family owns.

HE: Any tips on how should a couple go about choosing a videographer?

Daniel: Look at several examples of their work and ask yourself if it speaks to you. If it does, hire them. If it doesn’t, move on. 


Beautifully said Daniel. Even while I was convinced to keep it in the budget, I can’t say I gave it just a ton of thought leading up to the wedding. But when I came home from our honeymoon to our wedding trailer video in my inbox and hit play, I just about fell apart. How could I not have known from the get-go how important this would be?! There is no better gift than to relive those moments, to hear us speak our vows, to watch us dance our first dance, to hear those hilarious toasts again.

Here’s a look at a beautiful short video shot by Lynn Films (that just so happens to be mine…humor me here!)

from Lynn Films on Vimeo.

 So what do you think? Will you, or did you, get the video?

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