Testimonials (continued)

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“I’m not sure there are words enough for me to adequately rave about and recommend Kimberly Rhodes and the team at Hitched Events. Kimberly came highly recommended to me from a friend who also happens to be a wedding photographer shortly after I got engaged. That was the first sign Kimberly was “the one”…believe me when I say you want a planner who your vendors like working with! And then I met Kimberly and we instantly clicked…I knew I needed her to pull this thing off! I had a pretty good idea as to what I wanted our wedding to look like, but I needed help picking and managing vendors and executing all things wedding leading up to the big day. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, hiring Kimberly was hands down the best money we spent through the wedding process. Kimberly works with some of the best of the best vendors out there…she would give me two or three vendors she recommended in each category, based on my style, design plan and budget, and I kid you not with almost every category I don’t think I could have gone wrong picking any one of her recommendations. Combine the high level of vendors she recommended with her INCREDIBLE level of organization and insight, and it’s a thing of beauty to behold… Most importantly, Kimberly provided us peace of mind…we didn’t have to worry about anything leading up to the wedding. If anyone asked for my number one piece of advice for planning a wedding, I wouldn’t hesitate to say, ‘Hire Hitched Events.’ Everything else will fall into place from there.

— Katherine Hooker, bride (November 2013)

Melissa and James testimonialThe very first and best decision I made after my daughter’s engagement was to hire Kimberly Rhodes of Hitched Events as our wedding planner. Kimberly’s expert guidance, professional hands on support and caring presence made all the details of planning a true pleasure and culminated in a most exquisite celebration. Melissa and James’ wedding day was everything they hoped for… they were beaming throughout their special day – joyfully experienced and shared with families and friends. I so appreciated that Kimberly listened to Melissa and James’ vision of what they wanted for their wedding. Her vendor recommendations were all wonderful and a ‘spot on’ response and reflection of their wishes… She had EVERY detail considered and covered with flawless, professional execution. Kimberly also has a great team. I really appreciated Emily and her attentive presence with Melissa, the bridal party and me on the day of the wedding. Emily was right there by our side to offer and assist with everything and anything we needed! … Kimberly’s presence and Hitched Events services gave me the gift of joy in each and every step of planning and truly celebrating Melissa and James’ wedding. Simply Priceless!

— Margherita Rader, mother of the bride (November 2013)

“Let me just say to all of the brides out there, if you have not hired a wedding planner, YOU MUST! And if you are searching for one, Kimberly Rhodes from Hitched Events is hands down the way to go! With my mother living in another state, a job that does not allow for a lot of free time, planning a wedding wasn’t the easiest. But with Kimberly, it was not only less stressful, but the process became more enjoyable for all of us. From the get go, Kimberly met with us, communicated with my mother via phone, email, and not to mention kept us extremely organized through the private blog she set up for us and her to communicate through. I am still in complete shock by how the actual wedding day went down. Kimberly and her assistants were there and had everything taken care of. My mother, mother in-law, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, never had to even think for a minute whether or not they had to be doing something or be anywhere. One might say, their wedding day was the “perfect day.” I can say, with some help from Hitched Events, our day was more than perfect! Throughout my entire experience with Kimberly, she remained professional, attentive to all of our needs, and extremely supportive. I will forever be thankful for Kimberly and Hitched Events!”

— Katy Boyden, bride (June 2013)

“How do I put in words what a GREAT experience my daughter and I had with Kimberly — From the first day we met her, we felt we were in great hands. Kimberly made us feel like we were the most important client she had!! Her personal touch and professionalism stand out like none other!! She thinks of every detail. All during the planning process to the reception, my friends commented on how calm I was — my response was “I have Kimberly”!!

— Lisa Hanes, mother of the bride (June 2013)

“Kimberly Rhodes with Hitched Events is the best wedding planner ever! She made the day so perfect!!! Everything was exactly like I had dreamed it would be! She made the wedding planning process so easy and efficient.”

—Lauren Hanes, bride (June 2013)

“Kimberly provided us with month-of wedding planning service and we could not have been happier. She has a contagious bubbly personality and is such a pleasure to work with; she made meetings fun! She is incredibly organized to the point that any worries/fears/concerns I had were instantly wiped away once I voiced them to her. She has a plan for everything (and a back up plan for every plan)! She is timely with her responses and goes above and beyond what she is contracted to do. The whole process went by so smoothly and my wedding day was perfect. I could not possibly give higher recommendations.”

 — Laura Rexroat, bride (May 2013)

“I knew I needed a planner for my wedding to help with the details along with managing everything for the day… When I was deciding on a planner, I met with a few to see who I connected with and who would be the best planner for me. Kimberly was perfect!! She was so nice, organized, very detail oriented, and we connected right away… Kimberly was involved during our entire year of planning and found us amazing vendors who were in our budget and did amazing work! For each of our vendors, she set us up to meet with them to make sure we liked them and the ideas they proposed. She did a great job and picked perfect matches for us. Kimberly never steered us wrong, she guided us through the entire planning process perfectly!! She had great ideas that helped us put personal details on the wedding. Kimberly thought of everything!!!!”

— Theresa Breithaupt, bride (April 2013)

“Where do I start with positive recommendations for Kimberly? Hitched Events isn’t just about making your wedding planning a lifetime memory or your wedding day perfect (although everything they touch is gold); we became close friends, Kimberly caring as much about my wedding as myself. If you want memories that stretch more than your wedding day, Hitched Events is your choice. Hitched Events prides themselves with working with the best of the best vendors. If you do not want a worry on your wedding day you must use Hitched Events and her superb vendors. Kimberly is the most detailed person, having a separate schedule for everyone involved to make sure it runs smoothly…. You must have Hitched Events help plan your wedding. It is the only way!!

— Stephanie Seybert, bride (April 2013)

“Because I was planning our wedding from out of state, it was absolutely critical that I hired someone to help coordinate. After interviewing a few other planners, I can say with confidence that Kimberly was one of the best decisions I made when it came to our wedding. She had all of our appointments organized so that when I came in town we could get as much accomplished as possible. Her network of vendors is certainly the cream of the crop. During the weekend of the wedding, Kimberly was there from start to finish to make sure everything went smoothly. It was really nice for my mom and me to be able to fully enjoy the moment as Kimberly took care of every last detail. You will not regret working with Kimberly and her all-star team!”

— Katy Buchanan, bride (March 2013)

“Kimberly was the first planner I spoke with, and I instantly knew she was the perfect person to help me. She is energetic, friendly and bubbly. This is apparent the moment you meet her. She is incredibly organized and literally thought of everything, so I did not have to. She did not miss or overlook one detail; her wedding weekend timelines are true masterpieces. In moments of panic she is calm, collected and always has a solution before she comes to you with the problem… We spend a small fortune on our weddings and in some girl’s cases they do not truly take in the day and enjoy it. I’m not one of those girls. I look back on my wedding day and even though it was a whirlwind, it was perfect. I enjoyed every moment without the stress of silly details that have no business tainting such a special day. This is all due to Kimberly and I cannot thank her enough. Hiring her was the ABSOLUTE best decision I made.”

— Brianna Curtis, bride (March 2013)

“I truly can not say enough wonderful things about the Hitched team, Kimberly and Emily. The first time I met with Kimberly, I knew that we were going to get along great, and that I would be able to trust her with anything and everything! From her impeccable organization and professionalism, to her passion for making her clients happy, to her business smarts and her execution of EVERYTHING, she is unbelievable! She had a way of keeping me organized without coming across as pushy or bossy….she would follow up about everything, sometimes twice to make sure I remembered. She made everything so easy, organized and stress free. Her ability to work with vendors, negotiate with them, and follow up with them was a huge task lifted from me, and allowed me to really enjoy the month leading up to the wedding. She is unbelievably organized, she anticipates and has a plan B for everything. I honestly don’t know how we would have pulled things off without Kimberly and Emily.”

— Ashley Sutherland, bride (February 2013)

We hired Kimberly Rhodes to serve as the wedding coordinator/planner for my daughter’s wedding. From the very first meeting with Kimberly, I knew we made the right decision. She had so many great ideas that we incorporated into the ceremony and reception that enhanced my daughter’s wedding. Kimberly was assertive and bold enough to take charge and make sure people and vendors were where they needed be, but didn’t compromise her professionalism at any point. She was unbelievably detail-oriented and her experience planning events was evident as she thought of things that I would have never even considered. I look back on those last few weeks leading up to and including the day of the wedding and can’t imagine doing it again without Kimberly’s help. There’s no question I would hire her again.”

— Tonya Bradford, mother of the bride (December 2012)

“Words can not express how worthwhile and valuable our experience was with Kimberly at Hitched Events. Every dime spent with her was well spent. She is definitely a step above the rest!! Her unparalleled attention to detail, professionalism, wisdom, PATIENCE and charm helped us set the stage for our forever and we will be forever grateful!! Family and friends are still raving about our beautiful wedding and reception that went off without a glitch. (or if there was one, I never knew about it thanks to the service provided by Hitched Events.) I believe I got her gold package but I definitely received MULTI-PLATINUM service from day 1. My husband and I travel a lot with work so it can be difficult getting us on the same page at the same time, so Kimberly was a life saver during this process and kept us sane. She pretty much designed our entire wedding and all we did was show up!! Kimberly, you are PHENOMENAL!! Thank you!!”

— Monica Wilson, bride (November 2012)

“Hitched Events helped me plan my dream wedding, without worry. I’m a bit (ok, a lot) type-A and was worried about handing over any responsibility for such a big day, but as soon as I met Kimberly, I knew I was in great hands! Throughout the process, Hitched kept us on track and minimized stress by recommending the best vendors for my budget and style. Kimberly attended to details I’d never even thought of and on the big day, she kept the bridal party and family on schedule and everything went off without, well…, without a hitch. The best part? I was stress-free and really enjoyed my day knowing everything was under control. Hiring Hitched Events was the best decision we made in the entire wedding planning process!”

— Sara Moss, bride (October 2012)

“Kimberly with Hitched Events is awesome!! When I first met with Hitched Events for my initial consultation, I did not have a wedding venue or anything planned with about 7 months until my wedding. Kimberly brought everything together beautifully! Every time I needed something, she was very responsive and always professional. Kimberly knows and works with some of THE best vendors in Dallas who all enjoying working with her. Just having Hitched Events as my wedding coordinator allowed me to have awesome vendors (cake, flowers, music, etc.) that provided services that exceeded all of my expectations! On the day of the wedding, I did not have to worry about ANYTHING! This was the most important day of my life and I was able to enjoy every moment and not stress about anything because Kimberly and her team took care of every detail. My vision of my perfect wedding was exactly what Kimberly gave me and more! I am sad I will not be working with Kimberly now that the wedding is over. She did such an amazing job and my bridesmaids and family can not stop talking about how Kimberly was the PERFECT wedding coordinator who went over and beyond for my wedding!”

— Andrea Moore, bride (October 2012)

“My wedding would not have been the excellent event it was if it wasn’t for Hitched Events!!! From our first meeting with Hitched Events owner, Kimberly, my fiance and I knew we were in good hands. Her organization skills are impeccable. Her itinerary for wedding weekends is like no other timeline that anyone in our wedding party had ever seen. Even our groomsmen were saying how smooth our wedding weekend was due to Kimberly. Kimberly uses a portal with her clients that allows you to see your budget, send/receive message, upload files, view contracts and pictures all in one convenient website. This was very helpful to me since my job didn’t allow much free time for meeting and phone calls. Hitched Events helps you to plan the wedding of YOUR dreams. Kimberly is assertive yet whatever your vision is she will take that and make it the best it can be for your special day. She does all of her work with a professional attitude while at the same time you can tell she is just as excited about your wedding day as you are. Even during my frustrating moments of wedding planning (every bride to be has these), knowing that I had Kimberly as my planner eased my nerves throughout the process… My bridesmaids have all told me that when they get married they already know who their wedding planner will be…Kimberly of Hitched Events!!!”

— Camy Jackson, bride (September 2012)

“Kimberly at Hitched Events is a world-class wedding coordinator/planner… Extremely organized, full of great suggestions, well connected throughout the DFW vendor industry. Anytime I had questions/thoughts/concerns, I knew I could email or text her and it was taken care of so quickly. One of my favorite lines I heard from her, over and over, was: ‘Ok, I’ve got it, mark it off your list.’ – and I did because I knew she really did have it and it would be taken care of. My wedding day was picture perfect, everything ran smoothly and efficiently. It helped that the day of timeline that Kimberly creates and provides covers every last detail and clues every person into where they need to be and when. So many of my friends and family told me how impressed they were with those details and how flawless everything came off… I love being able to tell everyone I wasn’t stressed or worried the day of my wedding, that I truly had so much fun and it was the best day of my life. I know I owe a lot of that stress-free fun to Hitched Events. Almost wish I had another reason to throw a wedding soon just so we could work together again!”

— Chelsea Spruill, bride (September 2012)

“Working with Kimberly was an absolute joy. Her energy makes you so excited for your wedding day and all of the festivities leading up to the big day! She has a great eye for making your wedding vision come to life! A few things that made Kimberly stand out were her passion for work – She would call to check-in on me just to make sure I was having a good week and see if there were any wedding planning details she could take off my plate. She was always on-time (early) for every appointment and created a timeline that was tailored for ME (the bride), bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen and vendors. She went above and beyond to ensure that every little detail was not missed. In addition to Kimberly, her outstanding team made sure me and my bridesmaids were well taken care of all day. They did a great job making sure we stayed on track with pictures and getting us from location to location flawlessly. The Hitched Events team made our wedding ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. We couldn’t ask for a better coordinator and would recommend Kimberly to any bride.”

— Chelsea Cason, bride (August 2012)


“Kimberly was amazing! I hired her for month of coordination, so while I had done all of the upfront planning and contracting with vendors, she came in the month before the wedding and really helped make everything come together. She created a VERY detailed timeline and contacted each of the vendors before the wedding to review the timeline. This allowed me to really relax on the big day… What I loved about working with Kimberly is that she never came to me with a problem that she hadn’t already figured out a proposed solution. I can’t imagine how any bride does this without a wedding planner!”

— Ashley Casimiro, bride (June 2012)



“I used Kimberly for the entire wedding planning process. I had no idea where to start and knew that I wanted someone else to do all the hard work! She suggested great vendors, and I went with them all. I told her what I wanted and how I wanted it to look, and she scored on all fronts. Everyone said it was the best wedding they had been to! That’s what I wanted. She knew the right questions to ask and she was very organized and detail oriented. She had great suggestions for minor details, like gift boxes in guest rooms with thank you cards and personalized water bottles. I love her and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a beautiful wedding, without the stress that comes with it.”

— Tammie Trevino, bride (May 2012)


“Kimberly and her crew were amazing from day one. I could not have planned our wedding without her. Everything was perfectly executed the day of; it was flawless! I would recommend her to anyone planning a wedding. She is knowledgeable and professional and really knows how to handle some crazy people. If I could give her 10 stars I would. My husband and I had the perfect wedding because of Hitched Events.”

— Ashley Glade, bride (April 2012)



“I cannot express how much I enjoyed working with Kimberly of Hitched Events. She is extremely reliable, upbeat, organized, creative, courteous and most importantly very competent… Her day-of services actually began a month in advance with a meeting to discuss where I was in the process and to help us over the finish line. After that first meeting, Kimberly seamlessly took over coordinating final details with my vendors, and each one of my vendors commented at one point or another how much they liked Kimberly and how professional she was. She was a wonderful reflection of my fiance and I in all of her dealings with third parties (and a loud voice on our side in last minute negotiations/changes as needed).”

— Michelle Ilczyszyn, bride (March 2012)


“Absolutely pleasant to work with, has great problem solving skills. Her ability to take control and understand the vision I was looking for allowed me to enjoy the day as I did.”

— Sole Bazan, bride (April 2012)




“Just wanted to say thank you for all you did for our special day. Without you we could not have had a more successful event. Thanks again!”

— Mary Duncan, Manager, Highland Park Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain (April 2012)