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Take It From Me: Don’t Freak Out!

As precious Hitched Events bride Victoria Bishop can tell you, even when you have planned for every detail of your big day, you can’t ever rule out the possibility of an unexpected surprise or two! It’s all about how you handle those surprises, and the team you have in place, that determines the outcome. It must be said that this was one even the experienced Hitched Events team hadn’t encountered up to that point. But Emily sprung into action using her expertise and cool-under-pressure disposition to pull it all together. Let’s let Victoria take it from here!

Victoria and Michael

photo by Joseph Mark Photography

Take it from me, Victoria Bishop:

Don’t freak out when something goes wrong. Throughout my whole engagement and planning process people always told me that something will go wrong, you just never know what it’s going to be. Of course I listened to those people and shook my head politely but in the back of my mind I didn’t think it could happen to me; especially since Emily and I had everything mapped out to a T. Then came the reception….

Victoria and Michael Toast

photo by Joseph Mark Photography

Well about 20 minutes in, just as dinner was being served, the cake fell. No one bumped into, it just fell! At that moment, my heart sank and I was so upset (but I didn’t show it at first). Then, as all the guests started to see what had happened they all came up to me and told me it was ok and some story about what happened to them. By them reminding me of what happened I became more and more upset. All that was going through my mind was that I wasn’t going to get a picture with my husband cutting the cake.

Victoria and Michael Cake Topper

photo by Joseph Mark Photography

As a result of the cake falling and everyone reminding me, I was upset at my own reception for a little while. My new husband had calmed me down and the rest of the night was great! I did definitely freak out for about 15 minutes but take it from me that when you have a fabulous wedding planner and great vendors, they can fix problems for you… even get a replacement cake to your reception so that you could have your photo.

Victoria and Michael Cake Cutting

Victoria and Michael Cake 0006

photos by Joseph Mark Photography

Victoria, we are so happy you got your picture! I’m not sure I can say I would’ve handled that surprise as well as you did. Great advice though…with a dynamo team in place, those surprises just become entertaining stories to look back on, not events that ruin the evening. And the second cake turned out beautifully!

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