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Take It From Me: Amp Up The Entertainment

As every bride-to-be quickly finds out, as soon as that ring is on her finger, there is no shortage of well-meaning people wanting to give their well-intended, and often unsolicited, advice on wedding planning. With all of the noise, it can be difficult to determine whose input to listen to and whose to politely consider before quickly moving forward. Your wedding planner can obviously provide a wealth of qualified, experience-based guidance throughout the planning process, but wouldn’t it also be nice to hear from someone who has recently been in your very same shoes? We thought so, too. [Cue the “Hitched Events to the rescue” music…]

It just so happens, we get to work with the most incredible group of smart, creative brides and grooms every day. And now, we are asking some of those same fabulous clients, who have made it through the planning and celebrated their nuptials to the fullest, to share their lessons learned and best advice with you! Recent bride, Ashley Whitworth, gets this series started by sharing a few words of wisdom on selecting vendors and spicing up your reception…based on her own experience, of course!



photos by Celina Gomez

Take it From Me, Ashley Whitworth:

Figure out a way to make finding your vendors fun, it’s possible I promise. For example, when my husband and I were deciding on our band, we looked up some places the bands we were choosing between were playing and went and made a night of it with some of our friends. It gave us a good idea of how the band was with a crowd, the type of songs they played, their stage/set up. Not to mention it was a fun thing to do with our close friends. It made our decision really easy in the end. I would highly recommend this over watching videos of bands online.

Think of a way to spice the reception up just a bit. Half way through our reception, Mardi Gras masks and beads were passed out to everyone. If people weren’t already on the dance floor, this brought them out on it! The band put them on, my parents’ friends were wearing them…it was so fun so see how this one little thing took the party to a whole other level. And, it made for some great pictures.




photos by Celina Gomez

Love that advice Ashley! And you’re right, great pictures!

Now let’s hear from you! How are you making the vendor-selection process more fun? Do you have plans to kick up the party at your reception? Have you seen any fun, unique things done at a recent reception?

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