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Staff Spotlight – Deacon!

Meet Deacon – the official mascot of Hitched Events! There’s no way we could interview the whole team and leave this guy out, so here are some fun facts about Deacon with his handsome headshots by Perez Photography!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Germany. I’d like to find out more about my roots and be near my people.

If you could do another job, just for one day, what would it be? I would be an Uber driver. I just love being in the car!

Tell us something about you that might surprise us. I love the snow! I spent the first two years of my life in New York City, and winter was my favorite.

What’s your favorite holiday? My birthday!! I just turned nine in September.

If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be? Jiggy from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That dog gets the royal treatment!

What is your favorite part about being the office mascot? I get to spend the day with my mom! But also the treats. Lots of people stop by to say hello to me during the day and dip into the treat bowl that’s in the office for me. It’s great!


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