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So Long, Madison!

I’m sorry, how is it already AUGUST?? Where did the summer go? I guess it’s true what they say.. time flies when you’re having fun!

It seems like just yesterday our sweet intern, Madison, joined us for her summer internship. Madison jumped right in and became an important part of the Hitched Events team and even assisted at a wedding during her first week with us. Hope you were ready for that, Madison! Madison wrote us a sweet little love note about her time here at Hitched Events.. and we wanted to share it with you!


Our sweet summer intern is heading back to school! Hitched Events blogInterning with Hitched Events this summer has been a dream. It was my very first internship and I was so nervous. Not knowing what to expect, I came to the office fully prepared to feel absolutely clueless. Yes, there were plenty of times when I was thinking, ‘what are they even talking about?’ but the Hitched Events team truly took me under their wing and showed me the ropes.

I go to the University of Texas at Austin where I am a public relations major interested in event planning. It seemed only natural to reach out to Kimberly in search of an internship! I met Kimberly when I was about 7 years old. She was my dance instructor and to be honest, I was pretty terrified of her… Kimberly and I laugh about that now! She pushed me as her dance student and I knew that as an intern she wouldn’t lower her standards for me. She was a perfectionist when I was her student and she is still a perfectionist as a planner. Seeing her as a wedding planner, and not just as my old dance teacher, has been an amazing experience. She is someone I would whole-heartedly trust with my wedding. Her personality and eye for detail just fits the bill.

There is so much more to a wedding than picking a venue and a date. I had no idea how many details went into the planning process. I always thought I would plan my own wedding, with the help of friends and family of course, but now I see how valuable it is to have a planner by your side. Real life is crazy and things can get pushed aside, but having a planner gives you a second set of hands that really knows what they’re doing. I know now that I will most definitely be using a planner for my wedding to help bring my vision to life and to help me keep my sanity. Kimberly, let me know what your availability is a few years from now… keep a spot on your calendar open for me! No pressure John!

I absolutely loved getting to know the entire Hitched Events staff. Kimberly, along with Maria, Chelsea and Emily taught me so much in such a short amount of time. They dealt with all of my craziness and (sometimes dumb) questions. They even understood when I had an allergic reaction to something I ate the day of a wedding and ended up having to call 911 in the parking garage of the wedding venue… that’s an embarrassing story for another time!

I am forever thankful that my very first internship was here at Hitched Events. Kimberly and her team taught me so much and I couldn’t be more grateful. I looked forward to coming to the office everyday and loved the work that Kimberly and the staff gave me. I’m sad to leave my little desk as an intern, but I can’t wait to use what the Hitched Events team has taught me in the future.

And now we say.. so long, Madison. Thank you for spending your summer with us and teaching us important things.. like how to Snapchat! (PS.. you can find us on Snapchat at hitched-events!) It’s definitely not goodbye.. just see you later! Good luck this year, and come visit us when you’re home for the holidays!



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