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Real Wedding DIY Done Right – Guest Book Table

A few months ago, I shared a popcorn station DIY project from one of our Hitched Events weddings. I’ve seen those photos pop up on Pinterest a few times, so I know that it was a big hit! With that in mind, I figured it was time to share another Do-It-Yourself wedding project that was a huge success… Another DIY Done Right!

When I say “guest book table,” you might be thinking of the actual table your guest book is going to sit on… the six-foot rectangular or small round table with a pretty tablecloth and maybe a floral arrangement. But one crafty client of ours took the “guest book table” to a whole new level, making her guest book an actual table. Yep… you heard that right. A guest book table.

Photo credit: The Minnericks

So how did she do it?

Table Base: Our bride used a Singer sewing machine base that belonged to her grandmother. Not only did it have some sentimental value, but it also was incredibly sturdy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a family heirloom at your disposal. Any sturdy table base would work!

Table Top: The tabletop was simply a piece of stain grade wood purchased from Home Depot. The table top was simply screwed to the top of the table base. Easy, peasy!

Photo credit: The Minnericks

Signage: A small framed sign let guests know to write a message on the table, instead of just their names. It’s a good idea to have someone move the sign to a different area of the table at some point. We noticed that there was a big, empty space on the table where the sign was, so we moved the sign to the opposite side of the table during the evening so that the entire table was able to be used.

Photo credit: The Minnericks

Staining & Sealing: After the wedding, two coats of Minwax PolyShade was wiped on to the table with a rag. The stain and varnish in one was super easy to use and took less time than using separate products to stain and then seal.

The final result?

Cute, right?? I love that this project creates something super functional after the wedding.

So, about how much did this project cost?

  • Table Base – Free, courtesy of family member
  • Wood top – $40
  • Markers – $5
  • Stain/Varnish Combo – $7

TOTAL: $52

So… what do you think about how it turned out? Share your love for this project in the comments!


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