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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It has been so rainy here in Dallas lately that I kind of feel like I live in Seattle! All of this crazy rain has made me think about how it might affect your wedding day, particularly if you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor ceremony. Sure, nothing is guaranteed, but I’ve put together a couple of simple steps (complete with some adorable rainy wedding pictures, of course!) to help ease your mind and get you closer to that outdoor wedding of your dreams.

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  1. Do Your Research: There are certain months of the year when rain is less likely in your area. A simple Google search for rainfall averages in your city should give you a good indication of the peak months for rain so that you can choose your wedding date with the best statistical chance for clear skies. In Dallas, May and October traditionally see the most rainfall, so brides set on an outdoor ceremony or reception may want to avoid these months. However, brides shouldn’t let rainfall alone determine the date for their outdoor wedding. Heat and cold should also be considered. Although the month of August has the least likely chance for rain in Dallas, the extreme heat and humidity would make most guests so miserable at an outdoor event that they would be wishing for rain!
  2. Have a Reasonable Plan B: Even if you select a date that the Farmer’s Almanac says hasn’t had rain for 50 years, there is no 100% guarantee. Make sure that you have a reasonable plan B option should the ceremony need to be moved inside because of inclement weather. Your plan B solution should be one that is logistically reasonable and although not ideal, won’t ruin your overall plans. Saying your plan B is to fit your 200 guests into a room that will only accommodate 100 is not logistically reasonable, no matter how much you want that plan B to work! If your plan B is a tent, make sure you factor in the cost in your emergency budget and if possible, include flooring so that guests don’t have to walk through mud to get to the tent.

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  3. Consider Wedding Insurance: Talk to brides who were getting married on the east coast in late August of this year (Hurricane Irene, anyone?) and chances are they never in a middle years thought a hurricane would wreak havoc on their special day. No one wants to cancel a wedding due to weather, but when extreme weather makes it inevitable, wedding insurance can provide protection and partial reimbursement for some services and deposits. Policies, such as those offered by WedSafe, are generally inexpensive and are often the only way to get reimbursed for non-refundable deposits when weddings have to be cancelled last minute. Of course, wedding insurance doesn’t protect you from regular showers and thunderstorms.

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  4. Embrace What Mother Nature Has Delivered:When luck just isn’t on your side and Plan B has to be put into place, go with it! There’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop the rain, so dwelling on the less than ideal circumstances is a waste of energy that should be spent enjoying the celebration. Some say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. I say it can make for some fun pictures! Turn that frown upside down, put on your rainboots, and go get married!
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Photo credits (top to bottom): Continuum Photography; Hitched Events with data from Weather.com; Elite Images Photography; Mary Dougherty Photography; Melissa Prosser Photography


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