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Outfitting My Office

Nice wall frames for some of our wedding photos were one of those things that I wanted but didn’t really want to spend my own money on, so I was super excited when the frames I put on our Crate & Barrel registry were snatched up by our guests. If you’re getting hitched anytime soon and haven’t added picture frames to your wedding registry, I would highly recommend that you update that registry stat! Not only will they be completely useful, but they are a perfect option for guests looking for a less expensive wedding gift. Anyhoo… The gifted wedding frames didn’t get unpacked until we landed back in Dallas and it took me a couple of weeks to get my act together. But I finally did and put six frames of various sizes up on one wall of my office. I love how it turned out!


It’s hard to tell here, but the Crate and Barrel frames can be used either as a traditional frame, where the photo sits right up next to the glass, or more like a shadow box, where there is some space between the glass and the photo. In order to switch things up and give some depth to the arrangement, I used some of the photos with the shadow box effect while keeping others more traditional. This 8 x 10 is one of my favorite pictures, and it’s set deep in the frame for the shadow box effect.


I’ve had this bulletin board forever. I think I may have gotten it a year or two after college, and it’s had different photos in it over the years. It now sits on the wall right by my desk and shows some of my favorite people!


There is still a lot of work to do to get my office in order, but getting some things hung on the wall has definitely helped it feel more complete. I’m still working on my bookshelf situation, but once that’s complete and my desk is less covered in papers I’ll show you the whole shebang.


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