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Most Expensive Places in the U.S. to Tie the Knot

As a wedding planner, I often get calls or emails from newly engaged brides who simply don’t know how much to expect their weddings to cost. Even couples who have attended or even been a part of several weddings have no idea how much those celebrations cost. I mean, how would they know? Let’s be honest, no one really likes to talk about money.

Lucky for us in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we don’t rank at the top for most expensive places to get married. Sure, it’s more expensive to get married in Dallas than it is in say, Omaha, Nebraska, but it’s definitely less expensive, on average, than it is in other major cities… particularly in the Northeast.

Check out this infographic from the SimplyBridal.com blog about the Top 5 Most Expensive Places to Get Married:

Having lived in New York City, seeing them at the top of the list did not surprise me one bit. But Rhode Island? That one surprised me! Having planned events in both San Francisco and Washington, DC, I thought they would have ranked in the top 5 for sure.

What do you think as you look at these figures? Any of these cities surprise you? Or cities you thought would have made the list?


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