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I’m Finally Pinning It

I’ll admit…. sometimes I’m a little slow. I’ve had several people mention Pinterest to me over the past several months, but I didn’t check it out until recently. Ya’ll… it. is. addicting! Forget the delicious recipes I’m determined to make, or the fabulous gift ideas I’m collecting, I’m all about the awesome graphic quotes I’ve found on Pinterest.

I love these about love:

Pinned by Monica Jensen from Google.com

Pinned by Jenny Spring - Orginally from Etsy.com

And these about determination:

Pinned by Jennifer Freeman

Pinned by Jules Lawn Party

Pinned by FeeFee, RN

Pinterest has become my new time suck, and it’s a bit of a problem. Tell me I’m not the only one. What are your favorite things on Pinterest?

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  • MorganSeptember 14, 2011 - 11:06 am

    These are some really great quotes!

    I love Pinterest too, but I try really hard to only pin things I love, because I think it will get overwhelming over time, to try to go back and sort through everything. It is so addicting though!ReplyCancel