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Hitched Events Featured in CRAVE Dallas Guide

I’m really excited to share the news that Hitched Events is featured in the second edition of the CRAVE Dallas Guide. Yay!!

So… what’s CRAVE, you ask?

Well, The CRAVE Company is a resource for women entrepreneurs to connect with each other through local events. And CRAVE Guides, labelled as The Urban Girl’s Manifesto, is a curated book of local women-owned businesses. According to the Crave team, CRAVE guides are “your go-to resource for the best women-owned businesses in your city. From restaurants to boutiques to marketing firms, we celebrate all the gutsy, creative, local proprietors you need to know.” I mean, with a description like that, how could I not be absolutely thrilled to be included?!

(I kind of think this photo doesn’t look like me, but let’s just go with it, shall we?)

If you’re planning a wedding or event soon and need some help, let’s meet for a complimentary consultation! I just might have an extra CRAVE book to share with you as a little thank you for considering us!


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