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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, like every year, I have so much to be thankful for. I could spend hours listing all the things I am thankful for in my life, but I decided to keep it pretty simple and just limit it to ten. Now, keep in mind, these are in no particular.

I am thankful for:

  1. My husband – We tied the knot just about 8 months ago and I still get a little giddy using the word “husband” to describe him. He makes me laugh at least once a day and is 100% supportive of me in everything that I do. I am thankful everyday that the stars aligned the way they did so that we could meet and fall in love and live happily ever after.
  2. My mom – My mom pretty much rocks. She is one of the smartest and hardest working people I know, and I am thankful for not only the things she was able to provide for me growing up (as a single parent, no less), but for the role model that she was and continues to be.
  3. My health – I’ve been fortunate to not have had any real medical issues up to this point, and I hate to sound all old, but the older I get, the less for granted I feel like I can take my health. I know I need to be better about eating healthy and exercising so that I can maintain the health I’ve been so lucky to have.
  4. Bacon – O.k…. so, I know that doesn’t quite match up with being thankful for my health, but it’s bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon?
  5. My Hitched Events clients – I am so thankful to be working with awesome clients right now for their 2012 weddings. I’m humbled that these couples have chosen to have me take part in one of the most important days of their lives, and I couldn’t be more thankful that they’ve trusted me to help them. I won’t let you down!
  6. Deacon – That’s my dog. And he might be the coolest dog on the planet. He’s the best spooner ever and is like a little personal heater in the winter time.
  7. Rice Krispie Treats – The homemade ones… not the pre-packaged kind. I’m not sure if I’m thankful for Rice Krispie treats because it’s the one thing I’m really good at making or because they are affectionately referred to as “Fight Krispie Treats” in our household and are a regular part of the menu for UFC fight nights.
  8. My friends – I have some of the most amazing friends in the world. I have a circle of 6 or 7 friends that I’ve been close to for more than 15 years, and another handful of friends that I’ve met and become close to more recently. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that not everyone is lucky enough to have a close support system, and I am extremely thankful that I do.
  9. Great fitting jeans – I absolutely hate shopping for jeans. I’m totally pear shaped, so my hip to waist ratio always makes jean shopping a nightmare. However, the hubs and I were in San Diego last month and met the most awesome salesperson who helped me find not one, but two pairs of awesome jeans. I am thankful for you Nordstrom’s sales person and your knowledge of denim!
  10. Thanksgiving! – It’s easy to get busy and bogged down in life and not take stock of everything you have. Thanksgiving is a great time to really appreciate all that’s positive in your life.

I hope you have an amazing, thankful Thanksgiving!


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