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Happy Birthday, Oreo!

The Oreo cookie is celebrating its 100th birthday. Created in New York City in 1912, the Oreo is the best-selling cookie of all time with an estimated 491 billion (oh yes, with a B) Oreos sold. That’s a lot of milk dunking!

So, for all those Oreo loving brides and grooms out there, here are some ideas for incorporating America’s most loved cookie (although, I would argue that the Girl Scout Thin Mint just might be the most loved, even if it doesn’t have the most sales. I mean, when your sales force has an average age of 8, what can you really expect? But I digress…) into your wedding.

Of course, there’s the Oreo “cake”:

 Oreo “cake” created by New York based One Girl Cookies | Image from CamilleStyles.com

The groom’s cake:

Image from CakeCentral.com

And of course, Oreo favors:

From Etsy Seller The Atomic Apple

For more about Oreo’s 100th Birthday, visit NabiscoWorld.com.

So, what do you think? Would you incorporate the Oreo into your wedding day celebration? C’mon it’s 100 years old this year!

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  • AmandaMarch 6, 2012 - 6:03 pm

    Mmmm oreos! Love all of these photos – they look tasty!ReplyCancel