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Instant Motivation – How Bad Do You Want It?

The internet is full of little gems, and I happened on this one yesterday that I am totally and completely in love with. Two inspiring individuals + a background music track = amazingness. So, here’s a little background…

  1. Author and motivational speaker Eric Thomas, better known as the “Hip Hop Preacher,” speaks all over the country about success, education, opportunity and motivation. Thomas, who at one time dropped out of high school and ended up living on the streets of Detroit, turned his life around after meeting a pastor who saw his potential. After getting his GED and a college degree, Thomas has gone on to inspire people of all ages to put excuses aside and strive for success. The audio from the video is from a talk Thomas gave to a group of high school students, but can truly apply to anyone focused on a goal.
  2. Giavanni Ruffin, a running back from East Carolina University, is motivational in his own right. Ruffin’s work ethic is undeniable and he consistently pushes himself to be the best athlete he can be. Even though he is a free agent and hasn’t yet been picked up by a team, Ruffin is working his tail off in hopes of someday playing in the NFL. The video shows the degree to which Giavanni trains and pushes himself, and his physicality is mesmerizing!

One of my favorite quotes from the video is, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Enough talking about it, check it out.

I watched this video about 10 times yesterday and even watched it on my phone as I jogged on the treadmill last night (for the first time in way too long…. I was that motivated!). It’s definitely going to be my go-to video as I’m planning my 2012 goals.

If you love the message behind this as much as I do, check out the full “How Bad Do You Want It?” video of Eric talking to a group of high school students. It’s almost 15 minutes long, but worth every single minute. I promise.

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  • AmberDecember 27, 2011 - 12:08 pm

    YES! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing! 2012!ReplyCancel