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Early Christmas!

Christmas arrived a bit early in the Rhodes’ household, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! My husband did some online Black Friday shopping and got me the new iPad, which I have been wanting since the first iPad came out! It was just delivered last night and I. am. SO EXCITED!

I’m so happy that I will no longer have to lug around my heavy laptop for client meetings and that my email is in a larger overall format making it easier for me to navigate through when I’m out of the office. Don’t get me wrong… there was nothing wrong with checking and replying to email on my iPhone. This is just way better! And since the Hitched Events wedding planning portal I offer my clients is web-based, I now have access to that on the road. Plus, we’ll be traveling for the holidays, so it will be great to have for the flights and just for general connectivity. I’m so excited!

I’m totally new to this thing though, so I’d love some input iPad users. Any iPad apps you’ve found that are must-haves?

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