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Creating a Decadent Dessert Display

In addition to loving everything weddings, I love desserts. I especially love when weddings not only have a wedding cake, but also offer other dessert options in lieu of a grooms cake or even in addition to a grooms cake. In my opinion, the more the merrier! At Hitched Events, we’ve been lucky enough to have some dessert enthusiasts who have incorporated everything from chocolate chip cookies to fresh donut holes made on site to grandma’s special sweet potato pie. You read that right, grandma made enough sweet potato pies for the reception!

Helmut Walker Photography

Creating a dessert display sounds easy, but it should be well thought out. Decide on the objective of your dessert display – do you want to have a larger wedding cake with one other dessert option? Or do you want to have a smaller wedding cake or no cake at all with many dessert options? Will the caterer prepare the additional desserts or will you purchase or make them on your own? Does your venue even allow outside food to be brought in? Bride beware! Many venues with in-house catering may not allow you to bring in other items other than a wedding cake. Instead, they want you to get your additional dessert items from them. It is important to thoroughly read through all your contracts and know what is and isn’t allowed (you should already be doing this!). If your venue will allow you to bring in outside food items, make sure it is included in the contract!

Keep in mind that the more desserts you add, the more plates, napkins, utensils, etc. you will have to add. Make sure you have your idea well thought out prior to meeting with your caterer and cake baker. This will be an interactive element of your wedding, so you’ll want to make sure the presentation is perfect and have everything clearly labeled in your dessert display, even if it’s just one dessert in addition to your wedding cake.

There are so many ways to make your dessert display truly unique.  Try incorporating a few of your hometown favorites..

Q Weddings

Or include a wide variety of options for your guests..

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Tie in your color scheme with the dessert display..

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Or try something a little unconventional!

Amy Atlas

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Are you hungry yet?? What do you think about having a dessert display at your reception – yay or nay?




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