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Coming Soon – Mr. & Mrs. Wright!

Meet Brittnee and Taylor – our next Hitched Events couple! These two are set to be married at Highland Park United Methodist Church, followed by a reception at Union Station. We are incredibly excited to finally celebrate these two, as Covid-19 put a wrench in their initial wedding plans. The time has finally come for Brittnee and Taylor to safely celebrate with their family and friends! Keep reading below to learn about how these two met, and see some of their beautiful engagement photos by Elisabeth Carol Photography

Taylor and Brittnee both attended Texas A&M University; their meeting was not the result of similar classes or activities, but instead mutual friends. Ironically enough Taylor and Brittnee met for the very first time at a wedding celebration for their friends, Ali and Alex. Little did they know that this one night would change their lives forever.

Brittnee and Taylor’s first date was to a Dallas Cowboys football game, and they were smitten with each other before the final touchdown. Even though Brittnee was living in Dallas and Taylor was living in Houston, they did not allow the distance to keep them apart. Taylor continued to travel from Houston to Dallas every chance he could to see Brittnee.

As they say, time flies when you are having fun and more than two years later Taylor decided he was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Taylor planned the perfect wedding proposal, although Brittnee did become a bit suspicious when Taylor was adamantly against attending a Friendsgiving celebration on the same night as their special date night. Taylor planned an intimate private dinner at their favorite restaurant and even rented a limo to make the night extra special. Taylor proposed to Brittnee on November 17, 2018, on bended knee surrounded by rose petals. The couple spent the rest of the evening celebrating with friends and family that Taylor had secretly invited to celebrate their special moment.

We can’t wait to share their special day this weekend!


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