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Coming Soon – Mr. & Mrs. Wright!

It’s wedding week at Hitched Events and we’re excited to introduce you to our next couple – Katie and McCulle! We’re excited to be a part of their ceremony and reception this weekend at the Warwick Melrose Hotel. Here are some of their engagement pictures by Elisabeth Carol Photography

These two met when Katies was visiting Fort Worth to celebrate her best friend’s 21st birthday. After exchanging information, they kept in touch even after Katie returned to work at Disney.

They officially had their first date in May of 2016 when she came back to Dallas for a visit, and they have been together ever since! In Spring of 2019, Katie moved to Boston and McCulle followed soon after.


When Covid-19 forced them to stay in Boston for the Easter holiday, they decided to share Easter baskets with each other. Lo and behold, Katie’s had a nice shiny ring at the bottom of her basket!

We can’t wait to celebrate you both this weekend!


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