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Coming Soon – Mr. & Mrs. McGuffin

Say hello to Lizzy and John, our next Hitched Events couple! This beautiful duo is set to marry this upcoming weekend at Union Station followed by a gorgeous reception with friends and family. Read below to learn some of the details of how their love story began and led them to the altar – including a sneak peek of their engagement photos by Ronaldo Domingos

When we first met, we had very different thoughts…after introducing ourselves, John leaned over to his best man, Zack, and said, “Dang, that girl was really cute.” Lizzy, on the other hand, didn’t have a second thought. A few weeks later, John saw an opportunity to spark up a conversation with this cute girl who he met at the park. After this, Lizzy was hooked!

After two months of inviting each other to things through our friends, awkwardly trying to sit next to each other at dinners, and having a lot of good intentional conversations, we knew there was something special going on here. John couldn’t take it anymore, so he officially asked Lizzy to go on a date!

Dating each other was the easiest and most fun experience of our lives. Our relationship was centered around Christ, and we could see Him in everything the other did. This brought us an unbelievable amount of confidence in each other and our future together.

There was a very obvious next step…John got everything together to pop the question as soon as he possibly could. His plan was flawless and was going to be the surprise of the century! John got to ask the woman of his dreams if she would be willing to make him the luckiest man alive by becoming his wife…AND LIZZY SAID YES!!!

We are so excited for these two; this weekend cannot get here soon enough!


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