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Coming Soon – Mr. & Mrs. Herubin!

It’s a double whammy wedding weekend at Hitched Events!

Our next Hitched couple has a special place in our hearts because the bride, Madison, interned for us several years ago during summer break from the University of Texas at Austin.

Fast forward a few years and we are so thrilled to get to work with her on her own wedding! Madison and her fiance, John, are high school sweethearts whose relationship stood the test of time through several years of long-distance. Here’s the story, from Madison herself:

We met as freshman in high school and started dating sophomore year. By the time high school ended, we knew what we had was the real deal! We decided to try long distance, with John attending Yale University and me heading to The University of Texas at Austin. We survived four years apart – only seeing each other during school breaks and holidays! 

By the time we graduated, we were so ready to get married – finally! John proposed in our favorite hometown coffeeshop last September, and the rest is history 🙂 Can’t believe the guy I had a crush on at 16 is my (almost) husband!

We just love their story, and these adorable pictures by Ben Q Photography. We cannot wait for their wedding at St. Ann Catholic Parish and reception at the NYLO Las Colinas.

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