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Coming Soon – Mr. and Mrs. Vehslage!

We cannot get over how cute our next couple, Shelby and Brooks, are! Their NYC engagement photos by Carter Fish seriously have us swooning.

There’s no better person to tell their story than Shelby herself, so here it is…

Brooks and I met through mutual friends in October 2015 in Dallas. I wasn’t immediately interested in Brooks, but he was incredibly patient, yet persistent, and convinced me to go on our first date three months later. Our first date consisted of drinks at Happiest Hour and a Dallas Stars game. We had so much fun that night!

We had only been dating about 10 months when Brooks found out that he would be moving to NYC for his job. He moved in December 2016 and we did long distance for 6 months before I decided to switch to travel nursing to live out this adventure with him.

Fast forward to January 2018… Brooks and I had talked about marriage multiple times. It was definitely something we both wanted but I didn’t know how he would propose or when.

Knowing my love of Instagram pictures, Brooks set up a photo shoot with Carter Fish around NYC for my birthday. We spent the morning running all around New York City shooting pictures and having so much fun – not once did I expect a proposal.

When we got to our final location, Brooks started leading me up the stairs to the rooftop of a restaurant. I was so confused but once we got to the the top of the stairs I saw a box that had my new initials on it and it hit me. It was happening!

Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of NYC, Brooks was able to find a spot where it could be just the two of us. No locals. No tourists. Just us… and champagne. If you’ve ever been to New York, you understand how big of an accomplishment this was.

It’s a day I never want to forget and I know I will feel the same about our wedding day! I’ve known since our first date that I wanted to marry Brooks so I am giddy knowing that I now get to spend forever loving him!

We are so excited to celebrate their wedding and reception this weekend at Arlington Hall at Oak Lawn Park. Stay tuned to our Instagram to see their wedding day unfold!


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