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Coming Soon – Mr. and Mrs. Sulak!

We are gearing up for our next wedding this weekend! Emily and Jared are going to be married at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and then have their reception at Union Station. Emily shared their love story with us, and there’s no better way to post it then in her own words! Read below for the details on these two with some gorgeous engagement photos by Shannon Skloss Photography.

Jared and I met at Holy Trinity Church, the same church where we will be getting married. It’s funny to hear our friends tell their sides of “How Jared and Emily met” because it turns out, Jared and I were both trying to get the courage to speak to each other for a few weeks.

It was one Sunday evening mass and I looked over my right shoulder and see this very tall & handsome man few pews behind me wearing a bright pink polo. I kept trying to find reasons to turn around to catch another look at him. I was hoping he would come to mass the following week so I could try and sit next to him. Sure enough, he was there but the seats next to him were taken, so I sat a couple pews behind him. This time we caught eyes a few more times. After mass, Jared was walking directly behind me, and I was praying he would say something. But he just kept walking to his car.

The following week he finally spoke. He told me how hot it was outside. Being the end of July in Texas, it wasn’t the most creative pick up line, but it was a start. The next week it was my turn to give it a try, and since he was wearing a short sleeve polo, I made a joke about how he finally dressed weather appropriate. Jared laughed, and then asked if I had any plans that evening. He then asked me if I would like to go to dinner with him right then and there. Our first date was very spontaneous, but I loved it. After that Sunday night dinner, we never stopped dating.

A week before our 3 year anniversary of that first date, Jared asked me to marry him. He really wanted to surprised me, and that he did. I was sure he was going to do it on our actual anniversary and kept asking him “what are we doing next week?” Little did I know, my best friend, Hannah, who used to work in the alcohol sales business, asked if Jared and I would like to attend a Wine Event for her company at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Jared picked me up in an Uber (I don’t know how he was so calm) and we drove to the event. When we got there, there was no one in the lobby except for a security guard, photographer and 2 event ladies. They assured me that everyone for the event was all downstairs, so I didn’t think twice.

Then when the photographer said “before you head down, can I grab a photo of you two” I actually declined at first because I thought it was awkward to take a photo without saying hi to Hannah at her event. But Jared really wanted a photo, so we walked out to the courtyard and took a few photos. Jared then turns to me mid photo and starts saying really sweet things. My first reaction was “you’re so sweet, but you’re making the photographer uncomfortable haha” then I looked into Jared’s eyes and I knew this was the moment I was praying for.

We can’t wait for their wedding this weekend and to work with an amazing vendor team – Shannon Skloss Photography, Branching Out Events, Fancy Cakes by Lauren, BBJ Linen, The Motion Band, Dallas Wilson Wedding Films, Posh Couture Rentals, Bella Acento, Shag Carpet Event Props, Stage 2 Lighting, Beauty and the Blush, Marquee Event Rentals, Centerstage Floors, Mir Mir Photobooth, DFW Vintage Cars and more!

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  • MicheLleSeptember 2, 2020 - 12:10 pm

    So so sweet! We cant wait to celebrate the two of Y’All!!!ReplyCancel