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Coming Soon – Mr. and Mrs. Shrauner!

We are excited to introduce you to the second of our two couples getting married this weekend, Carly and Blake, and share some of their engagement photos from Perez Photography.

These two have known each other since middle school, but it wasn’t until their senior year of high school that they began their romance. And how romantic is Blake when he said this:

For me, I never had a moment that I knew she was the one, but instead, it was small things throughout our relationship that showed me the depth of love that I felt for her: her love and support through every trial, her laugh that I fell in love with from the first time I heard it, the adventures we experienced together, and each conversation about our future and the aspirations we both strive for.

A lot of planning went into their engagement, but when Blake revealed to Carly’s father the date that he wanted to propose – October 27th – exactly the same date that Carly’s dad had proposed to her mom (whom they lost just over a year ago), it was officially the date. Blake didn’t need to hear anymore because it was the perfect way to honor her memory.

A couple of months later, with a lot of preparation and some help from Carly’s best friend, Blake got down on one knee at the Kimball Art Museum in Ft. Worth and proposed to her after she was presented with a letter explaining everything that was going to happen. He didn’t want to forget what he wanted to say in that actual moment – and she’d be able to have the letter forever as a keepsake!

We are so excited to be a part of their wedding weekend at The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas!


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