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Coming Soon – Mr. and Mrs. Fink!

We are wrapping up this busy wedding month of June with our next adorable couple, Erica and Austin! These two will be married this weekend at The Church of the Incarnation in Dallas and have their reception at 3015 at Trinity Groves.

Here’s a bit more about this next Hitched Events couple… with some of their super cute engagement pictures by Elisabeth Carol Photography!

Erica and Austin met at a work happy hour when Erica was an Intern and Austin was a Consultant at the same company. They hit it off instantly, and, a few days later, Austin asked Erica on their first date through their intra-office messaging system. Erica responded how any responsible 24 year old adult would by telling him she would need to check with her parents first. Luckily, Erica’s parents allowed her on the date, which happened to be around the corner from our wedding reception at Trinity Groves in Dallas.

Fast forward a few weeks to when Austin met Erica’s parents at Red Dress Run in New Orleans and where they decided to officially start dating (while both in red dresses). Erica and Austin dated long distance through most of Erica’s senior year at LSU and picked things back up again when she moved back to Dallas. Erica and Austin have grown their relationship over the last 3 years and have shared many great memories taking trips together, spending time with their families and friends, and exploring the Dallas area.

Austin proposed on May 25, 2018 – he told Erica that they were going to dinner with his family. When they arrived “early” they went on a walk and  ended up walking to Grapevine Lake with a basket. Little did Erica know, the basket included a photo album with pictures of where they had met, all of their vacations and highlighted memories of the two together. The last picture was one at Grapevine, where he said he’d propose. Bam! Austin proposed over the lake and all their family and friends met them after! 

We can’t wait for their celebration this weekend!

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