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Bridesmaid Dresses – Matching or Mix It Up?

Deciding on a bridesmaid dress can be stressful! Not only do you have to think about what you want, but you have to think for 3, 4, 5, or more other ladies. We’ve seen our fair share of beautiful bridesmaids (nearly 100!) and we know a lot of thought goes into picking the right attire for your bridal party.

Ladies, there are just too many options out there, so start your bridesmaid dress search by having a plan in place – do you want to have everyone match or use different style dresses? What about color – do you want them to all be the same color, same shade of a certain color, or different colors? Do you want your MOH to be a little different than the other bridesmaids?

Let’s help you decide if you want to keep them matching, or mix it up!

Keep Them Matching

Traditionally, the bridesmaids should dress in the same degree of formality and a similar style as the bride. Having matching bridesmaids allows for one unified look for your bridal party, not to mention a cohesive look for all your pictures. Matching bridesmaid dresses has been very common for Hitched Events brides.

Anna Routh Photography

Tim Watson Photography

Mix It Up

Mixing up your bridesmaid dresses is so hot right now! There are so many different ways to mix and match your ladies. Mixing it up may especially come in handy when you have bridesmaids with varying body types or different tastes in style. Let’s take a look at some different ways you can mix up your bridesmaid dresses.

Just want to test the waters of mixing it up? Try having everyone in the same dress with different accessories.

The Schultzes 

Ready to take it a little further? You could have your bridesmaids in the same color and material, but in slightly different styles…

Widyn Photography

or the same color dress in different shades and different styles.

Oh, Darling! Photography by Dustin and Whitney Deal

What about different color but same style?

A Bryan Photo

And for the truly adventurous, let your bridesmaids choose!

Eric Kelley Photography

If you like this last idea but want to tie everything together, try using a similar color palette to keep with the style of your wedding or let every bridesmaid carry the same bouquet.

Unless your plan is to let your bridesmaids pick out whatever dress they want, you’ll want to give your ladies as many details as you can about the dress they’ll purchase. Make sure they know the exact designer and style of the dress you’ve picked. If your plan is to pick the dress color and fabric and let your girls choose the style that fits her body type, be sure to provide them with a fabric swatch or specific color number for them to match up their dress selection. Just because you said navy doesn’t mean they’ll come back with the shade of navy you were thinking of!

A few tips to share with your bridesmaids –

  • Wear the correct undergarments when trying on bridesmaid dresses
  • The shoes you wear for the final fitting should be the shoes you wear on the wedding day, particularly with a long dress where length is important
  • If you have am extra tall bridesmaid, her dress may require extra material (which can cost more)
  • The more detailed the gown, the more time needed to make (and more expensive the alterations)
  • Dresses should be ordered at least 3 months prior to the wedding

Be kind to your beautiful bridesmaids and make this a fun and easy process for them! At the end of the day, your bridal party will look amazing no matter if they’re matching or not.



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