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An Afternoon With Erin Blair

You guys.. a few weeks ago we did something super cool. Something that made us feel good and look good! Our good friend Erin Blair with Erin Blair Makeup & Hair Design stopped by to give us a little makeup tutorial and to tell us all about her new makeup obsession, LimeLight by Alcone.

Erin is super down-to-earth and just a joy to be around.. definitely someone you want with you to keep you cool, calm, and collected the day of your wedding! She lives for those “gasp!” moments when the bride sees herself as a bride for the first time, and especially loves when those gasps are followed by happy, overwhelmed tears.

makeup-and-hair-design-with-erin-blair-dallas-fort-worth-hair-and-makeup-artistWe asked Erin to share some of her beauty insider tips while we got our very own makeup tutorial! What’s the number one most important thing to do to get yourself out the door and not look like a hot mess? Clear. Up. Your. Skin. You heard it right here people.. good skin is the key to looking (and feeling!) your best. Erin says having a good skincare routine helps tremendously because you have less things to conceal. Make sure you skin looks good and you’ll have way less work to do when putting on makeup!

Another tip is to have a really good highly pigmented foundation that’s going to help cover up any imperfections, dark circles, dark spots, or anything like that on your face that’s going to distract attention from your eyes. You want people to focus on your eyes.. and the eyes are the windows to your soul, so says Kimberly!

Her final tip? Don’t worry so much about adding too much dark eye shadow to make yourself look so made up. You really only need to strategically place darker colors in certain places of your eye to balance your eye shape. I can hear you thinking.. what is my eye shape? Good question! Here’s a handy guide I found courtesy of Birchbox, or feel free to book a consultation with Erin to find out!

Side note: Erin would love to visit with you and take you on a magical all things makeup and skincare journey.. and tell you the shape of your eyes! Feel free to shoot her an email at erin@erinblair.com to schedule a consultation!

Erin Blair with her beautiful model.. our fearless Hitched Events leader, Kimberly Rhodes!

Limelight by Alcone all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes

The Hitched Events team after an afternoon makeup lesson with quick and easy techniques to look great in 10 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth makeup artist Erin Blair

With the guidance of Erin, we each did our own Limelight by Alcone makeover.. except for Kimberly who got to be Erin’s model! Here is what we makeup we used for our “Quick! Get me out of the house in 10 minutes or less!” look –

1. A good, pigmented foundation.

2. Four eyeshadows total.. one all over the eye, one in the crease of the eye, one as an eyeliner, and one to define the brows.

3. Concealer.. draw it on in a v-shape under the eyes y’all, that’s the trick!

4. Set with a little powder.

5. Bronzer.

6. Highlighter.

7. Lip color.

We may not be professionals.. and you may not want to personally hire us to do your makeup the day of your wedding (we’d rather be your planner anyway!), but we looked pretty good after learning some quick and easy techniques from Erin. Thanks so much for stopping by for a fun afternoon, Erin!

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