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Lessons Learned as a Hitched Events Intern

If you’ve followed along on the blog for a bit, you’ll remember that we had an intern join the Hitched Events team this fall. Mary Kate Erb spent four months with Emily and I, helping me out in the office a few days a week and assisting Emily and I at events on the weekends. Before her internship wrapped up at the end of 2013, I asked Mary Kate to put together a blog post about what she had learned during her time on the job. This is what she had to say:


As 2013 came to an end, so did my time at Hitched Events. It seems like yesterday when I reached out to Kimberly and inquired about the internship position at Hitched Events. After a Skype interview (I was still home in Montana), I knew Kimberly would be a great teacher and a great mentor. Her effervescent energy and inviting personality told me this was the place to be! Luckily Kimberly agreed to take me on as her intern and I was immediately immersed in the world of event planning. With little knowledge about the event industry, I quickly began to realize how hard this business can be!

  • My first day on the job was at a Brazilian Carnivale-themed birthday party at a private home in the middle of August. With guests mingling both indoors and outdoors, Kimberly and I quickly realized how much of a nuisance the mosquitos were. I was immediately sent to purchase bug spray so the guests weren’t eaten alive! Lesson learned? Event planners must think on their feet to quickly solve problems.
  • Even though I realized that the day of a wedding for a planner would be a long one, I truly didn’t realize how long that actually would be until I worked my first wedding in September. Planners are often on their feet for 12+ hours the day of the wedding and they need to be in “go” mode that entire time. Lessons learned? Get lots of sleep Friday night, you need to be ok with giving up your Saturdays, comfortable shoes are a must, and it’s perfectly acceptable to spend your entire day laying on the couch the day after a wedding!
  • Working in the event industry, you deal with many personality types. Every bride, groom, bridal party and group of guests are different and every once in a while, you might just come in contact with a not-so-happy person. Responding with an equally not-so-happy attitude will not get you anywhere. Lesson learned? Do everything with a smile and always be willing to help or fix a situation or answer a question with a sunny personality.
  • Every couple has different tastes. As a planner, your job is to make sure you create the client’s vision the way they want it to be seen. Lesson learned? Sometimes you have to tie 120 chair ties! 🙂

Planning a wedding is no simple task. It is hard work, with long hours but in the end, the reward is seeing the bride and groom and the families of the bride and groom so incredibly happy. Thank you Kimberly and Emily for letting me in to the world of event planning and mentoring me for the past four months! My experience at Hitched Events showed me the value of an excellent wedding planner!


Since finishing her internship, Mary Kate has taken a customer service position with children’s clothing company Smocked Auctions. Thank you for working with us, Mary Kate! We loved having you around and wish you nothing but success as you begin your career!



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