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A Day in the Life: A Not-So-Ordinary Monday

I have to admit, my personal life is really not all that exciting. On event-free weekends, the hubs and I are usually pretty low-key, enjoying a nice dinner out (or in) and just generally relaxing. My evenings during the week are often spent at the gym, attending some sort of wedding networking event, or meeting with clients who can’t meet during regular office hours. It’s a treat when I get to spend quality time with my girlfriends, especially since they are often busier than I am, juggling careers and motherhood. Like I said, my social life has much to be desired. But earlier this week, I got a chance to do something completely out of the norm.

A close friend of mine, who is in the process of publishing a book, received an invitation to a party to celebrate the launch of Stedman Graham’s new book Identity – Your Passport to Success. Yes. That Stedman. And I was more than happy to be her plus one.

During the event, Stedman (I’m pretending that we’re on a first name basis) spoke to the guests a little bit about his book which (according to the book jacket of my autographed copy!) will tell me how to take control of who I am, take control of my life, and achieve lasting success. Sounds good to me!

Although he only spoke for a few minutes, Stedman Graham was certainly dynamic, making me want to read his book from cover to cover. And… I may have been that person that asked to have my picture taken with him. I’m not ashamed.

For someone with a pretty boring social life, I had a pretty exciting Monday night! I’m hoping that my girlfriend is permanently on the cool kids list so we can go to more swanky book signing events. Fingers crossed!


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