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30 Days of Thankful – DJ Jason Esquire

For brides and grooms that are going the DJ route instead of a band, selecting someone to read your crowd and play the right mix of music to get everyone up on their feet can be tough. There are some great DJ’s in Dallas (and a few not so great ones too!), but one that we definitely put on the A-list and that we’re extremely thankful for is DJ Jason Esquire.


What sets Jason apart from a lot of wedding DJ’s is his ability to mix music and beat match. So instead of simply going from song A to song B, you’ll often hear tracks laid on top of each other for a completely seamless (and super fun) transition. For couples who love to dance and want a true party at their reception, Jason delivers each and every time.

In addition to mixing up great music, Jason excels at professional (and not at all cheesy) announcements, so guests know what’s going every step of the way.

Thank you DJ Jason Esquire for all you do for our clients! We’re thankful for you!





P.S. Check back later this month when we mention a few more DJ’s that we’re thankful for!


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