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30 Days of Thankful – Dallas Drape & Lighting

Draping and lighting can transform even the most unattractive space into something elegant and beautiful. One local company we love for this service and are definitely thankful for is Dallas Drape and Lighting.

For this Hitched Events wedding, the ceremony was planned to take place in front of a large, curtainless window. And on the other side of that window? A parking lot. Dallas Drape and Lighting helped us out by creating an elegant ceremony backdrop with multiple layers of fabric. The backdrop completely transformed the space, and no one would have guessed we were hiding an eyesore!

We’ve also worked in ballrooms that were dark or just didn’t create the kind of ambiance we were hoping for. By draping either the entire ballroom or just one main wall, the spaces were completely transformed.

Dallas Drape and Lighting 2

We’re thankful for you, Dallas Drape and Lighting!



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