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30 Days of Thankful – Black Tie Babysitting

For brides that are wanting to accommodate their guests with children but don’t necessarily want a ton of kids running around the dance floor, on-site babysitting is the way to go for any event. Our go-to event babysitting team is Black Tie Babysitting, and we’re so thankful for them!

Owner Hope Oriabure-King’s company is based on the philosophy of creating active play for kids during events. Instead of simply plopping them in front of a television or handing them a video game controller, Black Tie Babysitting creates interactive games and activities for kids so that they are having just as much fun in their “kid room” as the adults are having at the main event. We’ve checked in on the Black Tie Babysitting kids’ room at weddings we’ve put on to find children singing karaoke, drawing on custom-made coloring sheets specially made for that event, and decorating mini-cakes to take home.

I snapped this photo on my phone during one such event. Look at all those well-behaved kiddos coloring!

Black Tie Babysitting at a Hitched Events wedding

Black Tie Babysitting has certainly changed the way I look at having kids at events, and I’m so thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with them!





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