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30 Days of Thankful – Beyond

I just love lighting. Every client I meet with hears me say how much I love lighting and how it can transform a room, and I’m thrilled when we’re able to fit top-notch lighting into their budget. One company I’m extremely grateful for in the area of lighting design is Dallas-based Beyond.

From washing a room with color to making the cake stand out from across the room, Beyond’s team are experts. I love using lighting to showcase the areas of the room I want to guests to be drawn to. Highlighting a long table of centerpieces or a beautiful cake in a slightly darkened room creates such a dramatic effect!

For couples wanting their initials, wedding date, or other design created in lights for the dancefloor or a wall, referred to as a gobo, Beyond’s team has it mastered.

In addition to lighting, Beyond also provides audio/visual and video production services. Their customer service is out of this world, and we couldn’t be more thankful for them!

Thank you, Beyond! We love working with you!




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