I’m a Winner… Now What?

You know those people who seem to win everything? Well, I’m not one of those people. Random drawings are never a big deal to me ’cause I NEVER win. Ever. But apparently my luck turned around last week!

Early last week, I attended a wedding industry networking night at Cityplace hosted by WeddingWire. It was a fun night to visit with wedding industry pros that I know, but also meet some new ones. And… they did a drawing for a WeddingWire prize pack and HD flip cam, and much to my surprise, I came away as the big winner. I just received the box of WeddingWire goodies in the mail yesterday, including this bad boy…

I’m so excited to have won, but I’m at a loss for what I will actually use the video camera for. I don’t have kids, so getting quality video of the kids opening Christmas presents or being in the school play isn’t really an option. I do have a dog I’m obsessed with, but how much video can I really take of my dog? My iPhone has a video feature, but I never use it. I’d love to hear some suggestions. Does anyone out there have suggestions for how I can use this new video camera? What do you record on video? Or should I just eBay this thing?


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