I’m Gonna Lose It!

I read somewhere that you should write down your goals. If they’re not written down, they’re just dreams. Pretty deep, right?

I figure there’s no better place to write out my goals than here, seeing as how I know there are other people reading it. It’s not just writing it on a napkin or in a journal that no one else will see. I figure if I write it here where others can see it, I’m accountable for it and hopefully some of you will comment and check in with me to keep me on track. While I have a lot of goals for my business, the personal goal that’s at the top of my list right now is losing 10 pounds. My goal is to lose 10 pounds. Mark my words, I will lose 10 pounds.

Before my wedding, I was totally motivated. The thought of having photographs taken that will last forever is enough to motivate anyone. But now that the wedding’s over, I’ve been slacking. The Mr. and I have remembered just how good Mexican food can be (New York has some amazing restaurants, but nobody does Tex-Mex quite like, well, Texas!) and have eaten out way too much. I’ve been an on-again off-again gym goer and haven’t been tracking my food intake at all. Needless to say, I just don’t feel great about my body. And now that I’m in my mid-thirties (oh, how that pains me to say it!), it just gets harder and harder. I can’t eat whatever I want and not exercise and still fit into my clothes. So I’m on a mission.

I know that it takes a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight. Less calories in, more calories out. But how do you keep track of it all? I’ve had the Lose It! app on my phone forever and just started to put it to use this week along with the accompanying website Loseit.com. I’m a big fan!

Lose It! is simply a food and exercise tracker. You enter in your starting weight and goal weight and how quickly you want to get to your goal (1/2 pound a week, 1 pound a week, 1 1/2 pounds a week or 2 pounds a week). Then, based on what you selected, the app or website gives you a daily calorie budget and a goal date. For me, I selected 1 1/2 pounds a week, which equated to 1,271 calories per day with me reaching my 10.6 pound weight loss on October 12. That seems reasonable. Then, you can add in your food and exercise into the app to create a daily log. It has a ton of foods already in the system but you can add in your own as well, like the protein powder I had in my morning smoothie.

Lose It! Screen Shot

The part of the program I’m not yet familiar with is the friends section. Apparently, you can add friends who are also on Lose It! to your profile and track each others progress and keep each other motivated. See how sad my friends section looks?

Lose It! Screen Shot

So… I’m on the hunt for Lose It! friends. If you’re on the site already or looking for a new way to track your calories in and calories out, I’d love to be your Lose It! friend. You can see my profile name at the top of my screen shots, which is my gmail. So… connect with me, will ya? Oh, and it’s not just for weight loss. If you are looking to maintain your current weight, Lose It! is good for that too… when you select your goal, instead of putting in that you want to lose 1 pound a week, you can say you want to maintain your weight, making Lose It! the perfect long-term app and website. So, who’s in??!?


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