Hitched Events – Weddings & Celebrations

Here at Hitched Events, we know that your wedding day is more than just a day. It’s a memory.

But, you need help.

Look, you don’t know everything, and neither do we. What we do know is weddings. You wouldn’t tackle that home reno without a contractor (ummm… hello, permits? Load bearing walls? Leave that stuff to the professionals!), so why would you try to tackle your wedding without a professional wedding planner? Events are a lot — so many ideas, so many moving parts, so much that could go wrong. From making sure the right vendors are hired, to ensuring all the hundreds of tasks are completed in the right order, on time, and on budget, all that planning sure can be overwhelming. That’s where Hitched Events comes in.

We’re as passionate about your event as you are, and thanks to our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced (and fun, if we do say so ourselves) team, we can turn a stressful juggling act into a breezy journey, from “AHHH!” to ah-mazing. We’re not just wedding planners, we’re your wedding partners, and we can’t wait to hear the story behind your unique event. After all, this is what we do, and we love to do it. Relax and enjoy… we’ve got this!

Say hello to our wedding planning team.